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Brand Story

Lamodor is a clothing brand founded by two women who love motorcycle culture and fashion design.

Emily and Julia are motorcycle enthusiasts with a passion for motorcycle culture and a free spirit. In her eyes, a locomotive is not only a means of transportation, but also an attitude towards life. They believe that every woman should have the opportunity to express their inner strength and courage, no matter where they are. The desire to combine the passion for motorcycle culture with the pursuit of fashion inspired them to create this brand.

Brand Concept

Lamodor provides a platform for motorcycle women who pursue unique styles, so that they can show their individuality and uniqueness. Encourage women to bravely pursue individuality and uniqueness, without being bound by tradition. We believe that every woman has her own unique charm and strength and should have the opportunity to show it.

Design Inspiration

Lamodor's clothing design is inspired by motorcycle culture, which combines the spirit of motorcycle travel and unrestrained style. The style is full of personality and creativity, integrating elements of motorcycle culture and fashion trends. Our team of designers pay attention to detail and texture, and each garment is carefully designed and crafted to ensure that the wearer can express his personality while enjoying comfort and freedom on the motorcycle.

Every piece of clothing has been carefully designed, paying attention to details and tailoring, pursuing the perfect balance of comfort and fashion. Whether it's a pair of ripped jeans, a T-shirt or a studded belt, each one symbolizes femininity and freedom.

Our Mission

We want to empower women through clothing so they can dare to pursue their dreams and passions. The brand's slogan is "Break the Rules, Embrace Your Freedom". Whether in the streets of the city or on the vast roads, Lamodor women dare to show their unique style and bravely walk their own way.

Quality Assurance

We are well aware of the pursuit of quality and details by women in motorcycles. Therefore, Lamodor pays special attention to the comfort and tailoring of clothing, uses high-quality fabrics, and exquisite printing technology to create durable and fashionable clothing. In addition to designing unique clothing, Lamodor is also committed to providing customers with an excellent shopping experience. Focus on after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Social Responsibility

Lamodor focuses on sustainable development and is committed to environmental sustainable development, using environmentally friendly materials and production printing methods to promote sustainable fashion. We use environmentally friendly materials and processes to ensure the quality and durability of our products while reducing our environmental impact.

At the same time, consumers are encouraged to choose sustainable lifestyles, and people are called on to protect the earth through motorcycle riding and environmental protection actions.

In addition, Lamodor also actively participates in social welfare activities to support women's rights and social equality. We hope to create a more free, equal and beautiful world for women through our own efforts.


Lamodor is born for women who are brave, independent and pursue freedom.

Whether you are an urban motorcyclist who shuttles around the city, or an adventurer who loves motorcycle travel, Lamodor will accompany you and exude your unique charm at every moment. Let's break the rules, embrace freedom, and become a member of Lamodor!